A United Party for National Development senior member against Emmanuel Mwamba’s transfer to Eastern Province.

Prominent politician Michael Chuzu has condemned President, Michael Sata’s decision to transfer Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba to Eastern Province.
Mr. Chuzu who is UPND, United Party for National Development Deputy Chairperson for Youth and Sports Development has accused Mr. Mwamba of being a traitor who does not deserve to work in Eastern Province.
He has warned that if President Sata does not rescind his decision over the transfer of Mr. Mwamba, he will make Mr. Mwamba’s work in Eastern Province difficult.
But when contacted for comment, Mr. Mwamba dismissed Mr. Chuzu’s allegations that he is a traitor stating that he should justify his statement.
Mr. Mwamba told Breeze News that he welcomes Mr. Chuzu’s statement that will make his work difficult and that he will treat it as a challenge.
He also stated that when he was transferred to Northern Province he faced similar opposition but that now people were disappointed that he has been transferred.
President Sata has swapped Mr. Mwamba with Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Hlobotha Nkhunka.

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