A Zambian of Asian origin arrested for insulting President Edgar Lungu.

A Chipata based businessman of Asian origin has been apprehended by the police for calling President Edgar Lungu a crook and corrupt.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo confirmed to Breeze News that the businessman called the President a crook who is misusing public funds by putting in his private account so he can buy bicycles and other materials to bribe people to vote for him.
He says the incident happened yesterday when Vubwi Member of Parliament, Margaret Miti went to the shop owned by the Asian businessman at the Down Shops.
Mr. Kasolo says he reported the matter to the police who later picked up the man and interrogated him.
Mr. Kasolo says it is sad that a businessman can insult the president when government is trying so much to maintain cordial relationships with the business community.
Mr. Kasolo says people are free to express themselves but not to insult the head of state.
He says the named businessman is in police custody and may appear in court after interrogations.

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