About 115 hectors of crop fields infested with Army Worms in Lundazi district sprayed.

About 115 hectors of farming fields in Chief Kapichila and Mwase areas in Lundazi district have been sprayed against Army Worms by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Mvula, confirmed the development to Breeze News in Lundazi today.
Ms. Mvula says in an effort to control the dangerous pests against destroying crops in the district, government has sprayed over 37 crop fields.
She explained that the spraying exercise, which has attracted participants from local communities, has also been extended to all fields which are likely to be attacked by Army worms because of eggs found hatching in neighbouring fields.
And Ms. Mvula has warned women in Kapichila and Mwase areas whose fields have been sprayed not to pick any vegetables for eating because the chemicals used are dangerous to human health.

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