About 13 FRA depots to be closed in Sinda district

About 13 maize buying depots in Sinda district have been earmarked for closure.

This is because no maize has been bought at the depots from the time maize buying started.

District Administrative Officer, Condrington Sakala, confirmed the development.

He mentioned Makina, Matambazi, Chitawe, Mngomba, Mchembwe and Chimphundu, as some of the depots that maybe closed.

However, Mr. Sakala says soon investigations will be carried out as to why farmers are not supplying maize for sale to the depots.

Mr. Sakala says that the district has so far only bought 2,150 bags of maize.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sakala says the district has already received 41, 660 D Compound and 1,000 Urea bags of fertilizer.

He explained that more Urea is expected to be delivered to the district and that distribution will start as soon as possible.

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