About 20 kilometers of the Great East Road develop defects

The Road Development Agency, RDA says approximately 20 kilometers of the Great East Road has developed some defects within the first year of its completion.

RDA Director for Communications and Corporate Affairs Loyce Saili confirmed this to Breeze News stating that the reasons for the defects have not been determined at the moment.

Ms. Saili explained that RDA has been monitoring the completed sections of the road and established that some small sections of the road in different locations totaling to about 20 kilometers have already developed some defects.

She says Independent Consultants have been engaged to carry out technical audits of the project from inception to monitor quality aspects at various stages of construction.

Ms. Saili added that a Technical Audit team has been requested to carry out a technical forensic audit of the sections that have developed defects and ascertain the cause of the defects.

She says the Team commenced the investigations in November 2016 and a report is expected to be out by mid-next month.

Ms. Saili says the Report will advise on causes of the defects and recommend repairs required to be done by the contractor.

Ms. Saili however, says the Nacala Road Project from Luangwa Bridge to Mwami Border covering a distance of approximately 345 kilometers was substantially completed in October last year.

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