About 21,000 Kwacha allocated to Ministry of Gender in Eastern Province under 2013 national budget not utilized.

About 21,000 Kwacha under the 2013 budgetary allocation to Ministry of Gender and Child Development in Eastern Province was not utilized.

Acting Provincial Child Development Coordinator, Ariel Tembo confirmed the development during a live Budget Tracking Programme on Breeze FM.

Mr. Tembo says that out of about 150, 400 Kwacha, which was allocated to the department, 139,000 was used for various activities.

He says that he was yet to establish if the remaining 21,000 Kwacha was sent back to the treasury.

And Mr. Tembo says that the department has in the 2014 National Budget been allocated with 154,466 Kwacha.

He says that 74,400 Kwacha will go towards general administration, 6,600 for utilities, 5, 600 for public functions while 23,300 will go towards cross cutting issues.

About 40,000 Kwacha has been allocated for child empowerment while 9,600 Kwacha is for child empowerment inspection programmes.

He says that the department has this year so far used about 18,700 Kwacha for various activities under administration, utilities, cross cutting and child empowerment.


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