About 54 cooperatives in Chipata fail to collect fertilizer.

About 54 cooperatives in Chipata District who received E- Voucher cards have not received inputs from Agro dealers because government has not deposited the money in the bank accounts.

The farmers say that government has not deposited the money in the bank accounts although farmers themselves have done so.

Speaking to Breeze News this morning when they visited the provincial administration to seek audience with Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, the farmer representatives indicated that they wanted government to intervene.

They also lamented that those who got E-Voucher cards earlier are not getting the fertilizer adding that late entrants are the ones getting.

The farmers say despite depositing the 400 kwacha, indications are that they do not qualify to get fertilizers from the Agro dealers because banks have not received money from government.

They said farmers can only get the fertilizers from the agro dealer upon producing a slip from the bank.

And Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says that farmers are expected to start getting the fertilizer tomorrow.

Speaking in a separate interview with Breeze News, Mr. Kasolo says that government is engaging agro-dealers to see the best way of ensuring that farmers are assisted.

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