About 55 million Euros needed for expansion of water supply

About 55 million Euros would be needed to enable Eastern Water and Sewerage Company supply water to newly established residential areas in Chipata.

And over 150 million Euros would further be needed for the company to install sanitation services in newly established residential areas in Chipata.

Company Managing Director, Lyton Kanowa says that the company currently has a capacity to supply water to only 10,000 customers in the provincial capital.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Kanowa stated that this means that about 6,000 households in new areas have not been connected to the company’s network.

He says that the limitation in connections means that the water company is only able to cover 60 per cent of the water demand in Chipata.

Mr. Kanowa however, says that his company is not sitting idle as it has asked government to assist with resources, which would enable expansion of the existing infrastructure.

He was responding to concerns from residents in newly established residential areas like East Rise, where people are now forced to drill boreholes because of the company’s failure to supply water.

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