About 6 million kilogrammes of tobacco to be bought from Eastern Province

About 6 million kilogrammes of tobacco is expected to be bought from farmers in Eastern Province this marketing season.

Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ Regional Inspector, Herold Siandula and TBZ Chief Executive Officer, Samson Muyembe have confirmed this to Breeze News.

The amount is however, lower compared to last marketing season when about 6.7 million kilogrammes of tobacco were bought from the farmers.

Mr. Muyembe further says that at national level, TBZ also expects a reduction of about two million kilogrammes of tobacco to be bought.

He says that last marketing season, companies bought 29 million kilogrammes of tobacco from farmers and that this marketing season the amount will reduce to 27 million kilogrammes.

And Mr. Muyembe has expressed satisfaction with the buying prices released so far.

He says that the price for the highest grade of barley is 2 dollars 95 cents while the price for the lowest grade is 40 cents.

The tobacco marketing, which slightly delayed, opened on Thursday last week although some floors have started operating this morning.


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