About 60 per cent of tarring works done on township roads in Petauke district.

About 60 per cent of the 129 million Kwacha township roads project in Petauke District has been completed by Sable Construction Company.
The government awarded the contract to Sable after terminating the contract with Plinth Construction Company.
Petauke Council Secretary Pathias Sumba says that the contractor, who was given the contract to tar the 19 kilometre stretch, has done a tremendous work by completing 60 per cent of the road project.
Mr Sumba says that he is impressed with the pace at which the contractor is moving because he started the works late.
And Mr. Sumba says that the tarring of the township roads in Petauke will easy the movement of goods and services in the district.
Roads such as Nyamphande, Ukwimi Loop, Omelo Mumba, Fairview, Prison and Ekada have already been worked on by the contractor.
Meanwhile Chipata Town Clerk Davies Musenge says that Sable Construction Company had done a lot of works in tarring township roads in the district.
Mr. Musenge says that he believes that the road project will improve trade and connectivity as far as the transport sector is concerned.

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