About eight lions terrorise villagers in Chief Msoro’s area.

Some villagers of Msoro chiefdom in Mambwe district are living in fear of lions that are terrorising the area.

The beasts believed to be 8 in number, have disrupted the farming activities such as picking of cotton from the fields.

Speaking to Breeze News, one of the concerned residents, Francisco Mumba said people are also afraid to wake up early in the morning to fetch water and wood.

Mr. Mumba called on the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to quickly address the problem that has caused panic among villagers.

He mentioned Makoleka, Mphandika, Saili, Mdima, Pemba, Chipepo and Manokola as among the affected villages.

The resident said that quick action is needed because the lions have already caused havoc by attacking villagers and domestic animals.

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