About one million Kwacha needed to replace a water pipe in Chipata

About one million Kwacha is needed to replace the water pipe at Chipata’s Lutembwe Dam One and make structural adjustments at Lundazi Dam.

This came to light when Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, toured the dam and treatment plant in Chipata.

A burst of a water pipe that takes water from Lutembwe Dam One to the water treatment plant led to residents staying for almost four days without water supply.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director, Lyton Kanowa, explained that the 350 meters pipe needs to be entirely replaced to avoid water leakages, which he said can also lead to more loss of water in the dam, which is already at the lowest level.

He, however, noted that the water available in the two dams in Chipata can supply water at the current 60 percent until the next rainy season.

He explained that this would require about 600 to 700 thousand Kwacha.

In Lundazi district, Mr. Kanowa explained that the water levels in the dam are very low and that the company had to make structural adjustments to get the water which is in the middle of the dam.

And Mr. Kanowa says a feasibility study has been done, in which a project would commence in 2019 to improve water supply in Chipata.

He explained that the project would cost about 25 million euros.

And Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, said that government will give the company support in order to ensure that water supply to people is not seriously affected.

He said that his office will persuade the Ministry of Finance to provide funding.

Mr. Kasolo says the company is now forced to use emergence pumping and already used pipes from Western Water Company to take water from the dam to the water treatment plant in order for Chipata residents to have water supply.

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