Accusations of electoral malpractices disturb PF constituency elections in Chadiza district

Trouble ensured during PF, Patriotic Front party constituency elections in Chadiza district yesterday following allegations of electoral malpractices.
PF Provincial Chairperson, Attany Mwamba and Chadiza PF District Treasurer, Smart Phiri have confirmed the development, which resulted in the elections being deferred to a later date.
Mr. Mwamba told Breeze News that he was investigating the matter because PF will not tolerate any form of malpractices during the elections.
And Mr. Phiri revealed that the constituency executive uncovered a scam where some people interested in contesting the 2016 parliamentary election on PF ticket attempted to bribe voters.
He explained that the executive found 187 pieces of ordinary vitenge materials and four bags of salt, which were supposed to be given to voters after voting.
Mr. Phiri says that the matter would have resulted in serious confusion if alert police officers did not move in to quell the misunderstanding.


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