Activities of illegal land allocation unearthed in Lundazi district

Some council employees and the Lundazi main market committee have been implicated in illegal land allocation in the market.

A team comprising of the newly elected Lundazi Council Chairperson Margaret Msimuko, Munyamazi Ward Councillor Golden Tembo and Membe Ward Councillor Adams Luhana were surprised to find people illegally building shops.

Mrs. Msimuko told Breeze News that she received a number of complaints this morning by traders that council employees and the market committee were allocating land illegally without following the right procedure.

Mrs. Msimuko wondered why council employees were in a hurry to allocate land without following the right procedure especially that councillors were not yet in office.

She warned council employees to be careful when dealing with issues of land allocation because her office will not allow them to frustrate people, who want to acquire plots using right procedures.

Mrs. Msimuko explained that the allocation of land can only be allowed if there is evidence such as minutes from council meetings.

And Munyamazi Ward Councillor Golden Tembo has warned the council employees and the market committee not to take advantage of the absence of councillors to engage in illegal land allocation.

Mr. Tembo says he will not allow a limited number of people to benefit from the land in market.

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