Adoption of parliamentary candidates in the PF sparks confusion in Sinda district.

The adoption of parliamentary candidates in PF, the Patriotic Front Party in Sinda district has sparked anger among some members.

The members who are unhappy with candidates reported to have been adopted, have been protesting at the district commissioner’s office.

Sinda District Commissioner, Paradious Sakala confirmed to Breeze News stating that people have been storming his office.

Mr. Sakala says that some candidates, who are supposed to contest positions of councilor, have even vowed not to participate in the elections if the parliamentary candidate of their choice is not adopted.

He expressed shock that people visiting his office to protest were alleging that his office had something to do with the decision by NCC, the National Central Committee to choose a particular candidate.

Mr. Sakala stated that his office is nonpolitical and that those visiting his office are following a wrong procedure of airing their grievances.

And Mr. Sakala has advised traditional leaders, who are unhappy with the candidates picked, to engage President Edgar Lungu than openly showing their preferred candidates.

He explained that traditional leaders are supposed to be neutral and accommodate everyone because their subjects have different political affiliations.

Mr. Sakala also stated that he could not understand why people are protesting over candidates because President Lungu has not announced which candidates have been picked.

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