Agricultural officials in Chadiza exposed after sharing inputs under Farmer Input Support programme.

A scam has been unveiled in Chadiza District where some Agricultural Extension Staff are allegedly conniving with Cooperative Chairperson to release some bags of fertilizer under FISP, the Farmer Input Support programme to be shared among some agricultural officials at the district office.
ZANIS reports from Chadiza that some cooperatives are being told to forego some of their packs under the FISP project so that some staff at the district office can benefit from the consignment.
A check at Kampini cooperative in Chanida area revealed that the Chairperson Boniface Banda was ordered to forego 6 pack for his farmers but when he refused to release the packs the Camp Agricultural committee reduced the number of packs for his cooperative from the agreed 151 packs to 139 packs.
Mr. Banda said that he was threatened that if he failed to release the said packs, then their consignment would be reduced.
And when questioned by Chadiza District Commissioner Paul Phiri, Camp Agricultural Committee Chairperson Asarf Phiri said the reduction of the packs at Kampini was a way of punishing the cooperative because of their disobedience.
Mr. Phiri said that there was a lot of Mischief among the committee members at Kampini adding that it was just by the grace of God that the cooperative was even considered to have received the little that they got.
And the visibly angry District Commissioner Paul Phiri took a swipe at the Camp Agricultural Committee Chairperson and ordered him to immediately return the consignment that was grabbed from the cooperative.
The scandals that have characterised this year’s Farmer Input Support Programme have shocked Chadiza District Commissioner Paul Phiri, who has called for more probing into the entire exercise.

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