Albino Foundation describes 2017 as difficult year

Albino Foundation of Zambia says 2017 was a challenging year for the people living with albinism.

Albino Foundation of Zambia Executive Director John Chiti says his organization recorded an increase in the number of people who suffered from skin cancer, due to the change in climate.

He says some people with albinism died as a result of lack of sun screen lotion and protective clothing especially those living in rural areas.

Mr. Chiti says his organization recorded four deaths due to ritual killings and three attacks.

He says Eastern Province had the highest number of ritual killings and attacks on people with albinism.

Mr. Chiti says the ritual attacks were mainly recorded in Chipata, Lundazi and Chama districts.

He added that his organization partnered with the Human Rights Commission in order to advocate for the rights of persons with albinism.

He says that going forward, the foundation is taking another step to deal with issues affecting persons with albinism.

Mr. Chiti further says government promised to procure sun screen lotion for persons with albinism, but that nothing positive came out.

And Mr. Chiti says there is need for government to amend the disability act in order for persons with albinism to be recognized and included.

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