All stray dogs in Chadiza district to be killed.

The Taskforce on rabies in Chadiza district will soon embark on a program to kill all stray dogs in the district.
This is to prevent the outbreak of rabies in Chadiza.
The taskforce, which includes officers from the council, Zambia Police and Veterinary Department will kill all dogs that have not been registered and vaccinated.
Acting Council Secretary Rutherford Nduli says that there are so many stray dogs in the district which need to be cleared.
Mr. Nduli says that so much sensitisation has been done on dog registration but the response is very poor.
He says that according to the law, a person can only own up to 3 dogs but people are found with more than 5 dogs.
Mr Nduli was speaking during the DDCC, District Development Coordinating Committee meeting held in the district.

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