All Zambians above 18 with NRCs to vote in referendum

All Zambians above the age of 18 will be allowed to vote in a referendum on the Bill of Rights that will be held alongside the August 11th general elections.

Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ, Director, Priscilla Isaacs confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mrs. Isaacs says the law provides that any person aged 18 years and above and has a green national registration card is allowed to vote in a referendum.

Mrs. Isaacs explained that there will be a separate room at every polling station where both registered and unregistered voters will be going to vote in a referendum.

And Mrs Isaacs says messages being sent to people on their mobile phones to remind them on the importance of voting are not linked to any political party.

She says ECZ is sending messages which do not mention any political party because it is a quickest way of conducting voter education especially in areas where ECZ cannot reach.

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