Allegations of corruption emerge in PF adoption process

Some Patriotic Front PF Party aspiring candidates in Chipata have complained of corruption in the adoption process.
David Lungu who is aspiring candidate for Kapata Ward has told Breeze News that officials from the party are asking for money from the candidates when they submit their applications.
Mr. Lung says this will disadvantage most people who do not have money to bribe the officials.
And another aspiring candidate on the Chipata Central Parliamentary seat who sought anonymity complained that the party is only favouring a person who gives out a lot of money to officials.
He says the situation may lead to people voting for a wrong candidate who will not represent them well in parliament.
But when contacted for a comment, PF Provincial Secretary, Eddy Kapalu warned that disciplinary action will be taken on anyone found to be asking for bribes from the aspiring candidates.
He says it is wrong for people to be asking for money from the aspiring candidates because anyone is free to apply for adoption.
Mr. Kapalu however, says that he has not received any complaint from the aspiring candidates adding that the matter will be investigated.

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