Allocation of 10,000 Kwacha Constituency Development Fund to a church school project in Chipata raises queries.

An alleged irregularity in the selection of a CDF, Constituency Development Funded project in Chipata Central Constituency has been unearthed.
This was during a Youth Development Foundation workshop looking at accountability and transparency in the implementation of CDF projects yesterday.

During a presentation on CDF projects to be implemented under the 2014 funding, Chipata Central Constituency CDF Chairperson, Philemon Mwale, disclosed that Gulani School in DK area has been allocated 10,000 Kwacha for the construction of a school hall.
However, some stakeholders in the meeting raised questions as to how funding could be approved for such a project when the school still belongs to RCZ church.
According to CDF guidelines, church projects and individual entities are not eligible for funding.
But Mr. Mwale explained that at the time that a field appraisal was being carried out, a senior officer from the Ministry of Education approved the project, stating that the school has now been brought under government.
However, an education officer representing Chipata District Education Board Secretary’s office in the meeting clarified that the school is a private entity as it is still being administered by the RCZ church.
And an officer from ACC, Anti-Corruption Commission, George Kaguya says that investigations into the matter have to be instituted in light of the anomaly.

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