Almost 800 plots surveyed in Mambwe district.

At least 798 plots in Mambwe district have been surveyed at cost of 379,000 Kwacha.
The exercise was carried out after the Ministry of Lands approved 1.7 million Kwacha land development fund for various activities.
These include surveying of township plots, opening up of access township roads, servicing all the planned area with water supply and servicing the planned area with power.
Mambwe Council Secretary Lynda Mapara has told Breeze News in Mambwe that an initial 300,000 Kwacha was used to survey the land and put beacons on 689 plots.
Ms. Mapara says that a second disbursement of 500,000 Kwacha was given to the local authority and part of it was used for opening up of 10 kilometre access roads in the township.
She says that part of this fund is still in the bank awaiting approval.

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