Ambassador George Zulu and PS Chanda Kasolo differ over a land issue.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Australia, George Zulu, has accused Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, of fuelling confusion in his acquisition of part of farm number D98 in Vubwi district.

He says he followed all procedures required to acquire the farm and that Mr. Kasolo is the one who signed papers on behalf of the provincial planner.

But Ambassador Zulu says he was shocked to learn later that Mr. Kasolo went to Vubwi and told people, who settled at the farm, that he does not know how he acquired the land.

He alleged that Mr. Kasolo told the people that he would investigate the matter and get back.

Ambassador Zulu says another politician, whom he did not want to mention, went to Lusaka to try and influence the Commissioner of Lands to repossess the land given to him.

He says the late President, Michael Sata, concerted to and even encouraged him to acquire the said land.

But when contacted, Mr. Kasolo said ambassador Zulu should just find a way to deal with the matter and not involve him as he is not the owner of the said farm.

Mr. Kasolo explained that the matter is currently being handled by the Ministry of Lands and he is not the one in charge.

He said people have demonstrated before over the matter to the District Commissioner and his office, but did not do anything because he thought Ambassador Zulu had done the right thing especially that he was once permanent secretary in the Ministry of Lands.

Mr. Kasolo said instead of involving him in the matter, Ambassador Zulu should just search his conscious and understand whether he got the land properly or not.

He also denied Ambassador Zulu’s claim that he assured him over the phone that he would address the matter.

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