Amended constitution eliminates 15 councillors in Katete from recontesting

The majority of councillors serving in Mkaika and Milanzi constituencies in Katete district will not be able to re-contest their seats.
This follows the revised minimum grade twelve qualifications for a person who wants to become a councillor as enshrined in the amended constitution, signed by President Edgar Lungu yesterday.
Katete District Council Vice Chairman Jaffet Chimwala says that out of the 18 ward councillors in Katete District, only three will be eligible to re-contest their seats.
Mr Chimwala says that it was detrimental to note that some councillors would spend their five year team without contributing to the debate during the full council meetings.
He says the adjustment of qualifications for councillors will add value to the local council’s delivery of service.
Mr. Chimwala observed that because of the official language English used during deliberations some councillors accepted issues they never understood because of the language barrier.
Clause 162 of the new constitution states that a person qualifies to be elected as a councillor if that person is not less than 19 years of age and has obtained a minimum academic qualification of a grade twelve or equivalent.

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