An eighty-three- year -old convict threatens to sort out high court judge after being jailed to 10 years for trafficking in psychotropic substance.

An eight-three- year -old convict who was jailed to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for trafficking in psychotropic substance in Chipata caused drama in court when he threatened to sort out High Court Judge Eddie Sikazwe with other people involved in his jailing.

Jackson Soko of Chipata Motel who caused laughter in a packed court was sentenced after being arrested by DEC, Drug Enforcement Commission officers in January this year.

The accused who earlier asked the court to grant him permission to restrain the DEC officers from further arrests said he had been involved in cannabis since 1963.

He told the judge that he used cannabis to treaty people and that the high court should grant him a paper which can restrain DEC officers from arresting him for the fourth time.

He cried to the court during mitigation that he has seen five republican presidents adding that it was unfortunate for him to stop having cannabis because his ancestral spirits were demanding for that.

However, Justice Sikazwe said it was sad that as old as he was, Soko was found with cannabis contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The judge, however, said the state would keep him for ten years because he committed the crime for the third time.

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