An upcoming mine in Petauke to increase cargo being transported on the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line.

Zambia Railways Limited ZRL is this year expected to transport over 100, 000 tonnes of goods using the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line.
The projected cargo is in light of the upcoming mine with huge deposits of Titanium and Copper Ore in Petauke District.
Regional Manager, Moses Sipumo says that the mine will be expected to export 150, 000 tonnes of Titanium Ore.
He was speaking during a visit by CARGIL stakeholders from the United Kingdom, USA, as well as South Africa to explore Africa’s food system and how to best link small scale farmers globally.
Mr. Sipumo stated that currently it costs 3, 500 US dollars to transport goods from Zambia to the Nacala port by road, and only 2, 500 dollars to transport on the same route using rail transport.
He however, observed that there is still more sensitization that needs to be carried out so that the business community can take advantage of the railway line.
Mr. Sipumo added that the company is looking at constructing storage sheds to handle over 50, 000 tonnes of cargo to meet the market potential, as well as acquisition of cargo handling equipment valued at seventy million dollars.
He says that a trucking system will be put in place for goods coming in from Lusaka, adding that a bypass road from Great East Road to the rail track is expected to be constructed to serve that purpose.

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