Anglican Bishop William Mchombo calls for peace as Zambians celebrate Easter.

Anglican Bishop of Eastern Zambia William Mchombo has called for peaceful and harmonious coexistence devoid of violence of any form.
In his Easter Message availed to Breeze News, the clergyman has also called on Zambians to shun political hooliganism in view of the forthcoming general elections and aspire for the common good of the nation.
He has observed that political violence has escalated with party cadres at each other’s throats.
Bishop Mchombo notes that journalists are unfortunately getting caught in the mayhem in the course of executing their duties.
He says that threats and intimidations have become the order of the day on the political scene.
The bishop has called for use of language that persuades rather than intimidates electorates to buy into the values and vision of a particular party.
The Anglican bishop however, says that despite all these challenges Zambians should be comforted by the coming of Easter.
He says that Easter is the time for Zambians to celebrate the triumph of life over death and the triumph of peace over violence.

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