Anglican Bishop William Mchombo calls for reconciliation

Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia Bishop William Mchombo has called for genuine reconciliation among Zambians.

In his Christmas message availed to Breeze News this morning, the clergyman says that there is need for Zambians to reconcile genuinely because of what the nation went through in the last elections.

He says that the violence and hate speech that characterised the campaign period and the aftermath of the elections left a trail of spiritual and physical destruction.

Bishop Mchombo says that as a Christian nation, Zambians ought to live by what they profess; to love one another.

He has stated that Zambians should not be complicit to the commercialisation of Christmas and to the celebration that puts Christ on the periphery of the celebration.

Bishop Mchombo says that people are encouraged to give a message of hope to many people afflicted by economic difficulties and those who are faced with conflict brought about by political greed in many parts of the continent.

He also points out the need to give a message of hope to the sick and vulnerable and to those in prison and share with them joyfully in prayer and other supplies such as food stuff.

The bishop has also called for reflection and prayers against vices such as corruption in all sectors, injustice, regionalism and hatred for one another.

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