Anglican Bishop William Mchombo says Zambians should learn to dialogue as the world celebrates Easter.

Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia Bishop William Mchombo says Zambians should learn to dialogue and promote reconciliation as the world reflects and celebrate this year’s Easter.

In his Easter message availed to Breeze News, Bishop Muchombo says being the beginning of new life, Easter is also a time to meditate in relation to higher calling as a people of faith and as a nation in great need of development.

Bishop Muchombo says that the violence that characterises the by elections is a sign of failure as a nation to manage diversity and especially the lack of respect for divergent views.

He says Zambians should be a people who look out for each other despite their various differences.

The Bishop says people can differ in their views and approach to life without being violent or abusive adding that some manners are caught and not taught.
The clergyman adds that vices such as drinking and driving that might lead to fatalities in the guise of celebrating Easter should be avoided.
He says the older generation, through its activities, should be wary of the type of culture, which it is passing on to the younger generation.

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