Angry taxi drivers in Chipata protest against government’s directive to have their vehicles painted in blue colour.

Angry taxi drivers in Chipata district on Friday held a demonstration to protest against the government directive to have their vehicles painted in blue colour.
The taxi drivers, who were honking and shouting that they did not want the blue colour, caused commotion on Umodzi Highway and Hospital road.
They claimed that RTSA, the Road Transport and Safety Agency did not give them notice before starting to impound the taxies.
The drivers vowed that they will not paint their vehicles in blue colour saying that RTSA should come up with another plan of differentiating taxies from other vehicles.
And Eastern Province Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary Zacharia Luhanga who addressed the taxi drivers, advised them to be seeking audience with him whenever they want to air their grievances than demonstrating.
Mr. Luhanga said that demonstration was not necessary in this case because RTSA was just implementing the law that all taxies should be painted blue.
And Eastern Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Alfred Nawa says that about 69 vehicles have been impounded.
Mr. Nawa says that the vehicles were impounded because they are not qualified to be involved taxi business as they are not registered and painted.

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