Another land wrangle ensues in Chipata’s Motel area

Another land wrangle has ensued in Chipata Motel area where some people are illegally building shops at Chimtengo market.
This has angered residents in the area whose houses have been affected as some of the shops are being constructed in their font yards.
United Party for National Development UPND Deputy Provincial Youth Chairman for politics, Jason Phiri told Breeze News that there are shops that are being constructed along the road and his house has been affected as it is situated in the same area.
Mr. Banda wondered who gave people the mandate to start constructing shops when Chipata Municipal Council had indicated that the area is a buffer-zone and therefore no business activity should be allowed to take place from there.
He indicated that the local authority located another area where the market will be constructed.
A buffer zone is an area created to enhance the protection of a specific conservation area, often peripheral to it.
But Chipata Municipal Council Spokesperson, Taonga Kaonga says she will give the councils’ position on the matter later.

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