Anoya Zulu Seondary School spends over K700,000.

A financial report at Anoya Zulu Secondary School in Chipata has revealed that the school is spending slightly over 700,000 Kwacha between September 2015 and September this year.

The Income and Expenditure report shows higher expenditure going towards administrative costs and purchase and maintenance of vehicles.

The report shows the school is spending slightly over 146,000 Kwacha on administration and about 663,000 Kwacha on purchasing a school bus and repairs of vehicles.

About 85,000 Kwacha will be spent on maintenance and rehabilitation while supporting staff will gobble about 82,000 Kwacha in salaries.

Co-curricular contributions amount to about 28,000 Kwacha, sports and other activities about 10,000 Kwacha while about 31,000 Kwacha will be spent on examinations.

The report further reveals that the school is owed about 346,000 Kwacha in uncollected school fees.

The report was presented to parents during the PTA, Parents Teachers Association meeting held over the weekend at the school.


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