Armed robbers shot Danavant Cotton Company employee in Lundazi to steal 30,000 Kwacha cash.

Armed masked robbers have shot and wounded a field manager of Danavant Cotton Company in Lundazi in an attempt to steal 30,000 Kwacha cash.
Lundazi Police Officer Commanding, Felix Ngoma has confirmed the incident, which happened at Nanga area in Chief Chikwa in Chama district.
Mr. Ngoma explained that the armed robbers staged an attack to grab the money from Daniel Phiri and company cashier Harrison Chibobwa, who were on their way to pay cotton farmers using a motorcycle.
The robbers, who laid a trap using a wire across the road, shot Daniel Phiri, who was riding the motorcycle, wounding him in the stomach.
Mr. Ngoma says that the robbers however, failed to grab the money after a fight ensued with the cashier Harrison Chibobwa, who eventually managed to identify one of the attackers after removing his mask.
And Acting Lundazi Medical Officer, Paul Mulenga says that Daniel Phiri sustained six wounds where bullets from the muzzle loader gained entry.
Dr. Mulenga explained that the bullets are still stuck in the victim’s abdomen and he has been referred to Chipata General Hospital for operation since Lundazi Hospital had no water supply to conduct an operation.
Police have launched a manhunt for the two armed robbers who are on the run.

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