Authorities at Chipata Central Hospital clarify caesarean cases

The Ministry of Health in Chipata has refuted reports that some caesarean cases at Chipata Central Hospital are deliberate to facilitate student’s practical examinations.

Chipata Central Hospital Medical Superintendent, Daniel Makawa told Breeze News that most caesarean sections conducted at the hospital are referrals from various clinics.

Mr. Makawa explained that Chipata Central Hospital is a training institution that trains registered nurses, midwives and receives interns in form of doctors and clinical officers but they do not conduct deliberate caesarean sections on women.

He says the student midwives are taught the basics on labour matters like how to measure the danger signs of pregnancy and handle a pregnant woman who is in danger.

Dr. Makawa explained that intern doctors are taught how to conduct an operation but not operating on a woman who is in danger when writing examinations.

The Medical Superintendent clarified that teaching students on a patient, which is done at the hospital is legal and is done with concert from the patient.

Dr. Makawa was responding to complaints from some women, who alleged that they are being deliberately sent to the theatre for a caesarean section so that the students can write exams using the medical operation.

He urged pregnant women to always seek health care services in order to reduce maternal mortality in case of any complication because delivering from home is more dangerous.

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