Authorities at Chipata Municipal Council puzzled by approved project on a gazetted road.

An investor building a filling station on a gazetted road in Chipata might continue building.
This is because the developer has submitted approved plans which indicate that they were paid for two months ago at the council.
Acting Town Clerk, Kaonga Namenda has confirmed the development to Breeze News.
Mr. Namenda says that in light of the new submission, the council cannot go ahead with the initial plan of bringing down the structure that has been built on the gazetted road.
He says that the council will continue to investigate on the issue to verify how building plans could be approved on a piece of land that has been gazetted for a road.
Last week, Mr. Namenda told Breeze News that he had informed the developer of the filling station that the council would be forced to demolish the construction works, seven days after issuing out a stop order, as he was building without any approved plans from the council.

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