AVAP advises MMD MPs and councillors to shift allegiance instead of resigning.

MMD Members of Parliament and councillors, who want to resign from the former ruling party, have been advised to just shift their allegiance to the PF government than causing unnecessary by-elections.
Anti-Voter Apathy Project AVAP Provincial Coordinator, Mamuba Ngoma has said this in a statement availed to Breeze News this morning.
Mr. Ngoma has observed that that it is important for these politicians to save tax payers money unless in an event that they have been expelled from MMD.
He has also advised government to listen to the concerns being raised by people that the ruling party is encouraging by-elections.
Mr. Ngoma has however, heaped that blame on MMD stating that during twenty years of being in power, the former ruling party failed to put in place a good constitution, which could have addressed such issues.

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