Breeze FM Among Top Six Favourite Radio Stations in Zambia


Breeze FM is among six favourite radio stations in Zambia according to the Zambia All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) conducted by Synovate Limited, an international media research organisation.

The survey for 2011, whose report has just been released, gives Breeze FM as the favourite radio station in Eastern Province, Icengelo for the Copperbelt and most urban areas, Oblate Liseli for Western Province and Sky FM for Southern Province.

Radio One of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) is the favourite radio station in most rural areas of Zambia, especially in Central, Luapula and Northern provinces while Radio Four of ZNBC is the favourite radio station in Lusaka.

The Zambia All Media Products Survey was carried out to evaluate media consumption in Zambia and covered radio, television, newspapers and the internet. Zambia has 42 radio stations, ten television stations and eight newspapers and the Eastern Province has seven radio stations.

The survey looked at people’s awareness levels for different media, ownership and access, frequency of usage, listenership and viewership and penetration levels of the different media.

According to the survey, the favourite radio stations are those that play a variety of music, broadcast local programmes and unbiased news.

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