Bad state of roads in Chief Msoro worries villagers

Villagers in Chief Msoro’s area in Mambwe district have complained of the poor state of some major roads in the area.

Naphtali Banda and Maurice Tembo explained that the most roads in the area are in a poor state and need urgent rehabilitation.

They mentioned Msoro-Katete, Chipata-Msoro and                     Msoro-Sandwe road, as of the roads that link Mambwe to other districts, which are in a poor state and need to be graded.

They also asked government to drill boreholes in order to improve supply of safe clean drinking water in the area.

During the Malaila Ceremony over the weekend, Eastern Province permanent secretary, Chanda Kasolo, disclosed that works on the road from Mambwe to Msoro up to Katete district, are earmarked under face two of the link Zambia 8,000 project.

He also emphasized that government has plans to deliver development to all districts including Mambwe, regardless of tribe or political affiliation.

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