Bee farming in Petauke district is under threat.

Some unscrupulous people in Petauke district are cutting down trees indiscriminately, threatening bee farming.
Petauke District Forestry Officer, Charles Muchotsa who has confirmed this has described the trend as disheartening.
Breeze FM Correspondent, Mercy Maseko reports that Mr. Muchosta has advised all bee farmers to start planting trees so that they can attract bees.
And Mr. Muchotsa has also advised bee farmers to increase the number of bee hives to increase their production and make more money.
Meanwhile the Japanese International Cooperation Agency JICA Agriculture office in Petauke has embarked on a programme to assist find market for farmers who grow cassava.
The JICA District Agricultural officer, Ruchiki Kastuki says that of late, farmers in Petauke have struggled to sell their produce because local businessmen buy it at low prices.

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