Bembas still hesitating to allow Ngonis move remains of Zwangendaba discovered in Nakonde district.

Bembas are still reported to be hesitating to allow Ngonis move the remains of Zwangendaba which were discovered in Nakonde district.
George Zulu, a Ngoni representative, confirmed this when he toured the grave of Zwangendaba’s son at Fwaya Farms in Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area.
Mr. Zulu says that the only remains that have been brought are stones from the grave.
And in response, Eastern Province permanent Secretary, Emmanule Mwamba says that the remains hold a rich history for the Bembas.
Mr. Mwamba says that bringing the remains to Eastern Province will need a lot of consultation between the two tribes.
And the 2 permanent secretaries have expressed sadness on the way historical sites are kept.
They said that most historical sites are not well kept at Fwaya Farms were some British who fought with the Ngonis are buried.
They said that government needs to do a lot in ensuring that the sites are kept well so that future generations can find them.

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