Beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer Scheme vote for 100 per cent allowance increment

Beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer Scheme in Chipata have voted for an increment in their monthly allowance from 75 to 150 Kwacha.
This came to light during the District Poor People’s Parliament and Tribunal held in Chipata yesterday.
Three quarters of the beneficiaries voted in favour of the proposed 150 Kwacha because the current 70 Kwacha is very little and cannot sustain their needs.
They however, thanked government for coming up with the Social Cash Transfer Scheme, which has helped them in a number of ways.
And vice president in the house, Robson Lungu, who is also a beneficiary of the social cash transfer scheme narrated to the house that despite being given a minimal amount, officials from the Department of Social Welfare delay to pay them as they sometimes stay for four months without getting the money.
Meanwhile in his opening remarks, Platform for Social Protection Zambia, PSP Research Advocacy and Policy Engagement Officer, Vince Chipatuka says that findings on a research that was conducted on the social cash transfer scheme revealed that the beneficiaries lacked information on the scheme.
He says that most beneficiaries admitted that they do not take any action against government to improve social protection service delivery because it is a government initiative that has considered their welfare.
Mr. Chipatuka added that the social cash transfer scheme will not be influenced by any politics as it works with the government of the day.
And Nthope Ward Councillor, Chazingwa Mwale encouraged the beneficiaries to be putting the money to good use as it is one of government’s way of taking care of its poor and vulnerable people.

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