Bishop George Lungu talks for women and children

Women and children are the majority that suffer serious consequences during conflicts.

Speaking during the commemoration of DMI International Women’s Day in Chipata yesterday, Chipata Diocese Bishop, George Lungu, also says women are the most affected due to tribal, nation, political and religious conflicts.

He says the incident that happened in Lusaka, where six women from eight people died in a stampede at Olympic Youth Development Centre OYDC as they scrambled for food, is a clear testimony that women die in order to save life.

Bishop Lungu says saving life is an expensive venture and women are always ready to pay the price, adding that this is why celebrating International Women’s’ Day is a recognition of the role women play in people’s daily lives.

He says the theme for this year’s DMI International Women’s Day ‘’ Be Bold for Change ‘’ is a provoking theme because it has a story to tell.

Bishop Lungu says a lot of women have to be bold to challenge the culture of silence for the injustices done against them.

And Bishop Lungu says government has failed to appreciate most of the developmental projects, which the church has been carrying out in the province, such as sinking of boreholes in Vubwi and distribution of relief food in Nyimba district.

He says government has not paid the church for the two activities.

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