Bread of Life Bishop Joe Imakando castigates people wishing President Michael Sata ill health.

The church in Eastern Province has been challenged not to be amongst those wishing President Michael Sata ill health.
Bread of Life Bishop Joe Imakando says that the church should instead pray for Mr. Sata so that he enjoys good health.
Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Bishop Joe Imakando castigated those who are wishing the president ill health stating it was unAfrican and unchristian.
He called upon all peace loving Zambians to pray for the president to finish his term.
Meanwhile Bishop Imakando says that it is unfortunate that men of God are the ones being found with cases of sexual defilement.
He says that these are false prophets who need to be exposed adding that there is no need for people to be taken to mountains to be prayed for.
And the clergyman says that Eastern Province is one of the most developed provinces in the country.
He says that peasant farmers in the region need to be aided by placing farming inputs in their hands so that they can contribute more into the breadbasket of the nation.

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