Breeze FM commended for professional coverage of elections

The Kumawa for Edgar Lungu 2016 has thanked Breeze FM for the professional manner in which the radio station conducted itself before, during and after the August 11 elections.

Kumawa for Edgar Lungu 2016 members, Attany Mwamba and Kennedy Zulu, explained that Breeze FM offered an opportunity to all political parties to give their messages to Zambians and encouraged the radio station to continue being professional.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwamba and Mr. Zulu have called for unity in the country following the dismissing of the presidential election petition by the constitutional court.

They said that members of various political parties and people who had contested various positions should now put aside their political differences and work together.

They say that both the wining and loosing candidates must encourage their supporters to put aside their differences adding that it is only through unity that the country can develop.

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