Breeze FM Director in community service

Plans to construct a bridge across Lutembwe stream to facilitate the movements of people from villages in Chief Chinyaku’s area and Kauzu farm block in Chipata have been initiated.

This came to light when the Director of Breeze FM Mike Daka and Kanjala ward councillor William Phiri held a meeting with residents of the two areas at Kagunda School on Wednesday.

The construction of the Bridge near Lutembwe Dam Two in Chipata District is expected to commence soon.

Mr. Daka said as a resident of Kauzu Farm Block he had realized the difficulties people on both of the stream face every day.

He says the bridge will assist people to cross Lutembwe stream to access medical services at the newly built Chipata District Hospital as well as sale their produce in Chipata town.

Mr. Daka says school going children attending education from across Chief Chinyaku will also benefit if the bridge becomes operational.

Mr. Daka said he would work with the area councillor William Phiri and the two parliamentarians, Moses Mawere of Chipata Central and Charles Zulu of Luangeni Constituency to ensure that the bridge is constructed across the stream.

And Kanjala ward councillor William Phiri appealed to the people to come forward to assist in the construction of the new bridge.

Mr. Phiri says whatever help will be needed so that the project becomes a success.


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