Breeze FM Managing Director describes 10 years of Breeze operations in Eastern Province as a milestone.

Breeze FM Station Owner and Managing Director, Mike Daka has described 10 years of Breeze operations in Eastern Province as a milestone.
Mr. Daka also says that the Breeze FM 10th Anniversary is special to people of Eastern Province because they now know that they have a reliable channel of communication.
Mr. Daka also told Breeze News that the 10 year period is special to members of staff due to the effort that they have put in through the years.
And Mr. Daka says that the Breeze FM expansion programme to cover the entire Eastern Province in 2012 has been one of the major achievements recorded by the station.
He says that the expansion programme means that Breeze FM is now in a position to support government, non –governmental organisations and anyone who is doing anything to help the province.
Mr. Daka however, bemoaned lack of financial support to the station from various institutions in Eastern Province.
He explained that according to financial figures, contributions from institutions like non-governmental organisations, government departments, private companies and individuals is less than 30 per cent of the total operational costs for Breeze FM.

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