Breeze FM MD encourages disabled to become self reliant

People living with disabilities have been advised that alms or hand outs given to them by others cannot be enough to take care of themselves or their families.
Breeze FM director, Mike Daka, says that the best thing for the disabled is to accept their situation and the challenges that it provides and try to find ways to work around the problems.
Speaking to the deaf in Chipata, Mr. Daka explained that while some problems will disappear, many will get worse if the disabled don’t face and overcome them.
Mr. Daka observed that God and the Universe provides, regardless of families where one grew up.
He says that as long as they believe in themselves and put their mind to it, the deaf can do anything.
Mr. Daka says that it is possible for the deaf to look after themselves, as there is no difference between them and other people, who might have the ability to hear and speak.
He also advised them to find an area in which they can provide some volunteer service.
Mr. Daka says that this helps in feeling good about doing something without getting paid or credit for it.

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