Breeze FM Owner, Mike Daka challenges retirees to make their life worthwhile in their old age.

Breeze FM Managing Director and Station Owner, Mike Daka has challenged retirees to re-invent themselves.
Mr. Daka says that most old people look backwards and regret the loss of their youth and jobs instead of moving forward to take on challenges.
Speaking yesterday in Chipata during a motivational talk with retirees, Mr. Daka pointed out that retirees can come up with ideas that can change their life or make a lot of money.
He explained that many people in their sixties, seventies and even beyond have come up with ideas, which have enabled them to make more progress in a limited time than they made throughout all their previous years.
And Mr. Daka noted that retirees can write books about their knowledge and experiences, which can be very helpful to younger people.
He says that it is not too late for old people to become what they want and pick up new skills.

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