Breeze FM Owner Mike Daka urges government to assist provide content for community radio stations in the country.

Government has been challenged to see how the community radio stations in the country can be assisted with content to spur development in the country.
Breeze FM Owner, Mike Daka, has observed that most community radio stations are being underutilized, despite the potential the media has to effect change in the local communities.
Mr. Daka has noted that meaningful content to help the locals is still missing from the majority of radio stations operating all across the country.
He was speaking this morning when Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Chishimba Kambwili toured the station.
Mr. Daka also stated that the decision by government to liberalize the airwaves was an important step to promoting both development and democracy.
Mr. Daka says that as a result of this, there has been massive infrastructure introduced under the media sector, with a lot of radio stations being opened up in most of the districts.
And Mr. Kambwili has acknowledged the need for government to begin to empower the local radio stations so that they can air more developmental programmes that government is carrying out.
He expressed happiness that the station is being run by qualified media personnel with vast experience in the media industry.

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