Briefcase buyers offload huge quantities of maize on Food Reserve Agency markets in Katete district.

Katete Patriotic Front District Chairperson Joseph Makukula has warned briefcase maize buyers to stop exploiting and disadvantaging peasant farmers.

He told ZANIS in Katete that it is unfortunate that briefcase farmers are reselling the maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.

Mr. Makukula explained that since government announced the new price, briefcase buyers in the district have decided to offload their maize to various FRA depots, thereby disadvantaging small scale farmers who have a few bags to sell.

He says the PF, Patriotic Front District team had taken time to go round the satellite depots to see the response from small scale farmers but discovered that some briefcase maize buyers had offloaded huge quantities at the depots with a view of making profits.

He says because of this scenario peasant farmers are forced to wait in the cold for their grain to be bought.

Mr. Makukula warned that the party in the district will not sit idle and watch the small scale farmers suffer.

He added that government had increased the buying price this year to empower the small scale farmers and not to make briefcase buyers richer.

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